Invisible Cities: Diomira
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Invisible Cities model

BA Architecture project: Invisible Cities model
Model created for a first year (part time) project based on a description in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. The model interprets the description as a celebration of the market place rather than the monument, places full of spontaneous life and light. The model was awarded a prize at the end of year show by the South London Society of Architects.

“Leaving there and proceeding for three days toward the east, you reach Diomira, a city with sixty silver domes, bronze statues of all the gods, streets paved with lead, a golden cock that crows each morning on a tower. All these beauties will already be familiar to a visitor, who has seen them also in other cities. But the special quality of this city for the man who arrives there on a September evening, when days are growing shorter and the multicolored lamps are lighted all at once at the doors of the food stalls and from a terrace a woman’s voice cries ooh!, is that he feels envy toward those who now believe they have once before lived an evening identical to this and who think they were happy, that time.”
– Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities